Dreaming of a red coffin means love will encounter trouble.

The office worker dreams of the red coffin and is in a good working condition, and a certain project he has been insisting on can see results. It is possible to encounter secret inspections by the boss, and there are opportunities for transfer or promotion.

The person who is looking for a job dreams of the red coffin, the fortune of job hunting is falling, and they are well prepared. However, the power of important people has a greater impact on the results, and we must be good at observation and seize key performance opportunities.

The divorced widowed dreamed of the red coffin heralding a chance to travel, Ji.

Psychological Interpretation of Dreams ()

Dream interpretation: If the coffin is involved in the dream, it is a reminder that one day you will die. Such dreams help to understand death and the transitional rituals and meaning of death. You may also see the "death" of a relationship or eliminate the sense of loss.

Psychoanalysis: If a person is facing a major transition in life, you want to show the transition in a way. The coffin in the dream has this symbolic meaning, especially when it is very ornately decorated. In addition, dreaming of a coffin may also be a part of you ignoring your feelings and strangling yourself.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the coffin in the dream symbolizes liberation, resurrection and well-being.