Dreaming of casserole will give birth to a yin and yang child or a debilitating offspring.

When a woman dreams of a casserole, she will have emotional troubles, and she will quarrel with her husband over trivial matters.

The pot in the dream usually symbolizes vitality, vitality, survivability, etc.

Dreaming of a boiling pot on the stove symbolizes an improved reputation, a prosperous career, and a prosperous business.

Dreaming that the contents of the pot boil and overflow, also means that the career is going well and the family will be prosperous. But it also reminds you to be careful about jeopardizing your own safety because of complacency and indulgence.

To dream that the pot is broken, beware of disasters for your parents. When a man dreams such a dream, he must be careful to damage his reputation because of an improper relationship with a woman.

Dreaming of the pot breaking, implying that vitality or fertility is affected, and there is a crisis.