Dreaming of new words means that you can get rich without asking for gifts.

Minors dream of new words and their health concerns are still on the digestive system. In addition to weak intestines and stomach, nutritional disorders may also occur. Pay attention to a light and balanced diet.

A woman dreams of new words, she is going to travel far, there are difficulties and dangers, it is best to think twice.

Ask a scholar to dream about new words, so you must first preview and then listen to the lecture. Pre-class preview for subjects that feel difficult to learn is an important choice for passive change. Through previewing, you can understand what you have learned, and you can get the joy of success; for the old knowledge that you have felt unfamiliar, after reviewing, you can lay a good foundation for learning new knowledge; for the difficulties and doubts that you can’t understand, Having a good idea, it is convenient for you to concentrate on listening in class and solve difficult problems. If you persist in previewing subjects with poor foundations for a long time, you will gradually change from passive to active.

Dreaming of white paper with words on it is a good omen.

Dreaming of strange characters, Chinese characters, auspicious signs, there will be official luck.

The staff dreamed of Chinese characters or writing, they would be promoted.