Dreaming of your own stool indicates that the pressure in life will be greater recently and material wealth will decrease. There are signs of wealth loss, loss of money, or being borrowed by friends or relatives.

Dreaming that your clothes are stained with feces indicates that your fortune in terms of money is rising, and it may be a new income;

Dreaming of yellow feces indicates a symbol of wealth and abundance, and dreaming that the feces is so smelly and even more auspicious;

Dreaming of having feces on your body or stepping on feces indicates that the fortune will come to the dreamer, and the dreamer will succeed in everything he wants, and everything goes smoothly;

To dream of entering the house with stool on your back is a good dream for good luck;

The businessman dreams that he enters the house with his stool on his back, indicating that the dreamer's career will go to the next level, and the money will be prosperous;

To dream of overflowing stools in the toilet is a money dream to attract wealth, indicating that the dreamer will get unexpected money, not wealth obtained through hard work;

To dream of digging out your own dung means that you will bring good luck to the dreamer. In the future, money luck will improve, and you may make a fortune. The dreamer can also buy lottery tickets today and try his luck. It is very likely that he will win the prize;

To dream of falling into the pit and then crawling out indicates that the dreamer will be all right;

To dream of falling into the toilet and then crawling out indicates that the dreamer will make a fortune. In the near future, the dreamer may get an unexpected windfall, win the jackpot or win a lottery in a lottery;

To dream of sitting on the ground after stepping on someone else’s stool is a bad omen, reminding the dreamer that it is best to find a master to dial in order to prevent accidents;

To dream of holding stool with your hands indicates that the dreamer's ongoing career or investment is going smoothly, and you will see benefits in the near future;

To dream of golden stools coming to you is a good dream of prosperous luck. Golden stools symbolize money and indicate that the dreamer will get a lot of money. Because of the good luck, the dreamer may be in the lucky draw in the near future. Winning the lottery may also mean gaining power with the help of the nobleman, seeking wealth for oneself, and reminding the dreamer to seize the opportunity;

A man dreams of defecation in a public toilet, reminding the dreamer to pay attention to his health;

A woman dreams of defecation in a public toilet indicates that the dreamer may be stigmatized or discriminated against, and reminds the dreamer not to care too much about other people's remarks.

Dream of feces in urine soiled himself, this is a rare dream;

Dreaming of feces and urine dirty your body, implying that the dreamer will get a lot of wealth;

If an entrepreneur or business person dreams of dirtying himself with excrement and urine, it means that the career path will be smooth sailing, and it can bring the dreamer a lot of money.