Dreaming of burning your hat or clothes warns you that a catastrophe is imminent.

The salaried class dreams of burning their hats or clothes and will be fired. ( Dreamsmeaning Book official website )

If students dream of burning their hats or clothes, they will be punished by dropping out of school and fall into great difficulties.

Dreaming that your clothes are on fire , you will have a lot of troubles in love, you must learn to regulate your emotions, be tolerant if you can, and don't lose your temper for trivial matters.

A woman dreams that her clothes are on fire, which indicates that there will be many quarrels due to trivial matters when getting along with her lover, and reminds you not to be fussy.

The businessman dreams that his clothes are on fire, which implies that your planned project or thing will succeed smoothly and as expected. If you are a person in the business field, your business will be prosperous and money will come in. If you are a civil servant or company employee, you will be promoted or appreciated by superiors.

Lovers dream that their clothes are on fire, which means that the relationship is not going well, and they may change boy and girl friends.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of burning hats or clothes indicates that the stock market implies that all holdings must be sold off. But if the fire is burning, it is buying; if there is smoke, it is selling.

Case study of dreaming about burning hat or clothes

Dream description: I dreamed that my coat was yellow, somehow it was on fire, I was not wearing my clothes at the time, as if I was on fire or doing something else, I suddenly found that my clothes were being burned by the fire. .

Dream analysis: There will be a lot of troubles in the relationship. It is recommended that you be patient when getting along with your lover and don't lose your temper over trivial matters.