Dreaming of blowing bubbles means that your troubles will pass soon.

Candidates dream of bubbles, they will be excellent in the exam .

To dream of blowing bubbles indicates that you will pass through difficult periods and that time will turn around.

Dreaming of family members blowing bubbles means that the family will fall into a short-term predicament in the near future.

A woman dreams of blowing bubbles implies that she is punished for admiring vanity.

Dreaming that you are blowing bubbles reminds you to deal with work and life in a down-to-earth manner, and avoid bluffing or extravagance, otherwise you may not get anything in the end.

To dream of blowing a big bubble with bubble gum indicates that you will realize your dream.

To dream of others blowing bubbles with bubble gum indicates that you will be deceived.

To dream that you are blowing bubble gum and bursting indicates that your dream will be shattered, but you will find a new meaning of life.