Dreaming about wood means that you will encounter tricky jobs. Although a lot of thought has been spent, the result is still unsatisfactory. If it is a mountain of wood, it means that unexpected benefits are coming. If the dream is sawn into pieces of planks, this is a phenomenon of unpleasant transactions.

Dreaming of firewood burning, it means that you will become more passionate in love. Only using letters and phone conversations can no longer satisfy the two of them, and they have to go on a date every day. But excessive enthusiasm will inevitably cause burns. Don't forget to calm down sometimes.

Psychological Dream Interpretation ()

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of burning is a good omen.

Psychological analysis: The staff dreamed of climbing high and looking at the burning flames in the distance, and the possibility of making mistakes due to negligence is very high. Dreaming that candles are burning may cause health problems. Pay special attention to the possibility of trauma and fractures. Be careful. Dreaming of a raging fire will make you more enthusiastic in love, but you will inevitably burn yourself if you are too enthusiastic. Don’t forget to calm down sometimes. Dreaming of walking with a torch in hand, there may be good things about love.

Case study of dreaming about burning

Dream description: Lao Zhao dreamed of a golden tiger with fire on his body , coming out of his home's ground. The fire on the tiger also burned a person to death. In the end, he hit it underground with water and sealed it with water, so that he did not escape.

Dream analysis: Underground represents the subconscious, which is the hidden world of thinking of the dreamer. Fire represents enthusiasm and destructive power, and the beast symbolizes the primitive instinct and animal nature of the human heart. This thing came out of the ground, which means that some uncontrolled energy and emotions are surging in the dreamer's heart. Burning a person to death indicates that there may have been some bad effects in life. Hit it underground with water, and water represents feelings, inspiration, and consciousness. That is, the dreamer uses rational emotions to overcome some strong emotions and desires.