Dream of a toy dog, life will be happy and fulfilling.

Dreaming of buying a toy dog, the family is going to have a baby .

To dream of selling toy dogs is auspicious omen.

To dream that the toy dog ​​is broken, the child will die.

A married woman dreams of a toy dog ​​and will give birth soon.

The married woman dreams of a toy dog, she will be late to marry.

A man dreams of a woman sending a toy dog ​​to himself will spoil his wife or lover more.

Dreaming of toys indicates that the dreamer has encountered some setbacks in real life and begins to miss the good times before, so he wants to return to the carefree childhood.

A man dreams of a toy indicates that the dreamer has recently been under pressure in life, and he has begun to want to escape from life, thinking of a place where no one knows himself and start again.

When a woman dreams of toys, for an unmarried woman, she is very nostalgic for her girlhood. If she doesn't want to be parents so quickly, she may get married late. The words of a married woman indicate that she will be pregnant and will soon add children to the family.

A businessman dreams of toys indicates that the dreamer's business will suffer setbacks, and unfortunate things will happen in the mall, but as long as they return home, they can still feel the happiness of the family.

The patient dreams of toys indicates that the dreamer's condition will be fluctuating, and it may be good and bad. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a good physical condition and rest assured.

To dream of buying toys indicates that a newborn may be born in the dreamer's home, which will become the baby of the family, and is very caring.

Dreaming of broken toys reminds you to pay attention to the safety of children at home. Some things may happen to endanger the health of the children.