Dreaming of hairpins indicates happiness, happy love, and good marriage.

In addition, the hairpin in the dream also symbolizes feminine characteristics and conveys a feminine atmosphere.

If you dream of putting on a hairpin or removing it, it implies sexual temptation.

Dreaming of issuing a card indicates that you have a good affinity recently. Chatting with someone you like on the phone will make him feel that you are very kind and kind.

Dreaming that someone gave me a box of hairpins, my wish is about to come true. But waiting will be of no avail, and we must strive for it.

Young people dream of someone giving me a box of hairpins, which means that the recent fortune difficulties and dangers are coming. You must deal with it carefully, and it is time to take action.

A person who is looking for a job dreams that someone will give me a box of hairpins, so the job interview luck continues to increase. I can get opportunities that others seem to be good, but my mind is often elsewhere.

A businessman dreamed that someone gave me a box of hairpins. The main reason is that his recent wealth is flat and his investment concept tends to be conservative. Although many opportunities have been missed, his savings figures are still rising steadily.