Dreaming about the temple implies that you will have people who can ask for help, help you solve your troubles, and help your work and life run smoothly.

Men dreaming of temples may signal a career or environmental instability.

The woman dreamed of the temple, indicating that her husband's family might encounter a change.

The patient dreamed of the temple, suggesting that the condition would worsen.

If you dream of entering or sitting in a temple, it indicates that you will be a great success or get married.

The pregnant wife dreams of entering the temple, reminding you to be careful about safety, and the fetus may have an accident.

Dreaming of his wife entering the temple indicates that the husband and wife live in harmony and happiness.

Dreaming of enemies stepping into the temple door indicates that you will defeat the enemy.

Dreaming of the temple's gold and glory is more a symbol of success; if the temple in the dream is quiet and solemn, it usually implies a quiet and quiet life.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream Taoist. Everyone who dreams of visiting the house of the Taoist Palace and the Pavilion of the Taoist Palace is visiting the home, and the sick are ominous. Among others, some people guide and guide others, and they should not be accounted for. Mysterious Dreams

Dream City God Temple. Everyone who dreams of this should read what he sees and hears, and don't talk about being held. If the husband neglected the idle pond and was blasphemy, disaster would come. Mysterious Dreams

Mengguan Emperor Temple, Daji. A horse with a single sword, loyalty to the liver and righteousness, protects the nation's great emperor. The scribes dreamed about this, accounting for Kui Yuan; the generals dreamed about this, and the Lord was successful. Patients dream of this and will soon be cured; this dream merchants, Lee when thousands of times; ordinary people dream of this, but so clean guitar; pregnant women dream of this, Takako; lawsuit this dream, too clean government help, finally got a bowel movement. Mysterious Dreams

Mengjia Temple. There is a home temple, so as far as possible, Chen Xiaoxiang also. Anyone who dreams of this cannot bear his relatives for his son, and the ancestors see their kindness because of it. The dream builds the repairer, the Lord gains wealth. Meng Baimiao steamed taste, Lord Lu Fengheng. Dreaming of seeing the pioneers in the temple, Xiji is sad and fierce. There are rats, pigs, dogs and cats in Mengjia Temple. No dreams are found in his palace, and the Lord is in trouble. There were plants in the dream temple, and the Lord was defeated. The Mengjia Temple was crooked and broken, the spirit habitat was upside down, the main nine families were not good, and the couple looked at each other. The dream concealed the ruins and ruined the host family. Meng Yangjing hangs colors, the Lord's happy event arrives. Meng Yifeng was named the master's temple, and the emperor Emperor granted it. Mysterious Dreams

The imperial clan of the previous dynasties dreamed of the imperial temple. The lucky elephant in the dream is auspicious, and the evil elephant in the dream is a bad omen. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Dragon Temple. This dream is a storm, drought, flood, land road sign. There is heavy rain in the long dry dream, and the main rain of the long rain dream ends. Mysterious Dreams

Worshiping ancient temples on Mengshan is a good sign. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Shengxian Temple, Daji. This dreamer has good friends and meets the Master. To have a daughter is a show, to have a child is expensive, Li Ji. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Hall Temple Hall. The scribe's dream was listed on the yellow list and Zongbo was listed as the master; Dreams are born in Taimiao expensive. Mysterious Dreams

Mengwen Temple. Those who dream through the door but not enter are not Confucius. Meng Dengtang entered the room, it is the patriarch of Switzerland. Those who are unaccustomed to raise children, dreaming of entering the temple of Wenxuan, experience in the descendants. The sick dramatist dreamed of this, but fortunately met Shengliangfang, who has ten years of life. The monk Tao dreams this, it is advisable to form a great Confucianism. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of the temple will be rich. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Those who dreamed of the temple asked for food. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming into the temple, the Lord gains money, good luck. "Secret Secretary"

Dream into the temple or worship the gods, the Lord's fortune. Mysterious Dreams