Dreaming about the content of the movie means that you have the desire to escape reality.

After making this dream, please deliberately arrange some time to let the spirit rest.

The content of the dreamed movie is a kind of predictive dream.

If you dream of an earthquake or typhoon on the screen, it means that your work will be changed, or your lover will be transferred to a foreign job.

Dreaming that the plot is not sent as you think it means that you are dissatisfied with the status quo.

Dreaming that you are watching a movie is usually a reaction to living conditions. Sometimes, the scene in the picture on the screen may be a reflection of the heart. Love movies often symbolize the desire for love. For example, a single woman dreaming of watching a love movie symbolizes the yearning for romantic love in the ideal, but in reality, it may be difficult to find a favorite person.

Unmarried men and women dreamed of watching a movie with their lover, and also hinted that the dreamer had a desire to marry and live together.

Dreaming of thrilling action movies, it implies that you are a person who likes adventure and excitement.

Dreaming that the movie content is scary, and the picture scares you, it may imply that there are bad friends around you, which will bring you danger, remind you to be careful to make friends, and avoid serious consequences in the future.