Dreaming of being in a theater indicates that the friendship with new friends will make you have a lot of fun, and the things you care about will also receive satisfactory results after this dream.

To dream that you are an actor in a theater indicates that the happiness you enjoy will be very short-lived.

To dream that you go to a musical theater with good conditions indicates that you will sacrifice your property due to your disgusting enjoyment behavior.

If you dream that the repertoire performed in the theater is a famous opera, it means that your ideal will be successfully realized.

To dream of you applauding and laughing in the theater constantly indicates that although you are addicted to having fun, you are not lacking in hard work.

To dream of a theater on fire or other dangerous situations and you are trying to get out, symbolizing that you are about to engage in a very dangerous career.

Dreaming of a theater indicates that you will make new friends.

Dreaming that the theater is on fire indicates that your career has failed.