Dreaming of strange streets indicates that you may start a trip or have adventure activities, explore unknown areas, and negotiate with strangers.

Dreaming of crowded streets, on the one hand, may indicate that the city life is causing you trouble. On the other hand, it may mean traveling or your new environment, which makes you feel confused.

Dreaming that you are walking along a street, heralding doom and anxiety as inseparable from you as soul possession, makes you almost desperate to achieve your ideal.

Dreaming that there is a familiar but dark street in a distant city, it means that you will take a trip soon, but this trip will not bring the expected happiness.

Dreaming about the brilliant street lights means that your happy hour will become a historical relic.

Dreaming of crossing the street is very scared, lest you be attacked by thugs, indicating that in order to improve business conditions or get more surprises, you will risk making dangerous investments.

Dreaming of long, long streets implies that you must put great effort and patience to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of walking on the wide street, all worries will pass.

Dream street mud wet thorns, bad luck. Doing nothing can make it difficult to move. Shang Jia's home is guarded against theft by villains, so be careful on the road.

Dreaming that you are the poster of a street poster, heralds you are about to take on a job that is unhappy and completely futile.

Dreaming of seeing a street poster by accident means that you will get frustrating news.

Dreaming that you are running in the street without clothes implies that the learning experience will rise, and you may get public praise from your boss and make you look good.

Business people dream of running undressed in the street, indicating that your fortune is bullish. Affected by holidays, the chance of receiving elder gifts increased. Doing business promises high profit returns.

The singles dreamed that they were running unfamiliar on unfamiliar streets and had to travel. Although it was very hard, they still had to go.

Dreaming about naked streaking on a strange street without clothes, suggesting that the recent emotional instability, good and bad, may be caused by lack of sleep, pay more attention to rest.

The unmarried person dreamed that they were naked in a strange street without clothes. It predicted the success of your love, but failed.

The divorced widowed dreamed that he was naked in a strange street without clothes. The Lord traveled auspiciously, but be careful of thieves on the journey.

The scholars dreamed that they were streaking naked on unfamiliar streets without clothes, indicating that the exam results were good.