Dreaming of the stage symbolizes the external world you strive to understand.

  Dreaming of yourself on the stage means that you are very concerned about the image you present to the people around you.

  Dreaming that you are performing on the stage may express some hidden feelings that you will not reveal during the day, but you long for others to know, or you want to show yourself.

  Dreaming of dancing usually indicates good luck and good news. From a psychoanalytic perspective, dreaming of dance also symbolizes courtship or sexual intercourse.

  Dreaming that you are dancing is a sign that you will be promoted and bring success or love. An unmarried man dreamed of dancing, foretelling that he would marry a beautiful wife.

  Dreaming of watching other people dance, suggesting that in the near future you will be full of challenges and ambitions to achieve your goals, and you should seize the opportunity in the near future. However, if you dream of someone dancing, you hide far away and sit in the corner to watch, suggesting that you may receive bad news that others have succeeded.

  Dreaming of dancing with lovers, suggesting that sweet love, your relationship is about to go further.

  If you dream about dancing with strange women , you should be alert and not be deceived by strangers casually.

  Dreaming of women dancing is a sign that you will be rich or promoted.

  If a woman dreams that a man is dancing, she hints that she will marry a rich man.

  Dreaming of a masquerade, the clothes that everyone usually wears at a prom show your true opinion of them.

  Dreaming that the elderly are dancing means that your business or career will have more brilliant prospects.

  Dream of a group of children dancing happily. If you are married, it means that you will have a happy and comfortable family life, as well as cute, well-behaved and smart children. If you are single, it means that you will have a relaxed job and enjoy a lot of fun.