Dreaming of a gas station indicates that your income will increase and your career will go smoothly.

Dreaming of an explosion at a gas station indicates that you may conflict with others in your life and cause unpleasant things to happen.

A businessman dreams of an explosion at a gas station indicates that the business has failed.

Hearing the explosion of the gas station in your dream means that you will receive important and shocking news soon.

To dream that you were awakened by an explosion at a gas station indicates that your life will be severely affected by this news.

The staff dreamed of an explosion at the gas station. Be vigilant for the coming of danger, and be prepared to escape or deal with it first.

Dreaming of refueling your car means that your friends in the past two days can give you good advice on your career, but it's still a way you haven't thought of, so you can think about it. These two days have enjoyed a pleasant time with friends, but family members are also very good to you, please give some warm response. However, it is easy to quarrel with the other half. It is better not to criticize others' appearance!

Dreaming of refueling the car, you will encounter a lot of small obstacles in the past two days, but compared to the previous period, your mentality is much better. Solving the problem silently will make you win the trust of more people. However, work/academic efforts are temporarily difficult to see results, so you should bear with it for a while. In terms of romance, there may be some treatments that cannot be understood by lovers, so be patient!