Dreaming of luxurious rich areas and beautiful garden houses often expresses a yearning for comfortable life, money, and status.

But if in a dream, you are looking at the wealthy area, but you feel very alienated in your heart, such a dream may also remind you to divert your attention from material pursuits.

Dreaming of rich people means that you will have good luck and hope to succeed in your career.

To dream of becoming a rich man reminds you that you may encounter financial difficulties and need a lot of money; using money to help family, friends, or sponsor others, etc., indicates that you will have good luck. (

To dream of a lot of wealth means that you will be sad.

The rich dream of getting wealth indicates that you will be lucky.

Dreaming that others have a lot of wealth warns you that you will live a debauchery and extravagance.

To dream of a businessman or a rich man is a good dream, which means that you have a chance to succeed in your career; if the rich man in the dream is yourself, it is not a good dream and a bad omen.

A capitalist or a wealthy person dreams of austerity, implying that your recent income will drop sharply and you may leave your hometown.