To dream of building a new temple, this is a good sign that you have a happy event.

If a girl dreams of being in a new temple, it means that you are pregnant .

Dreaming of a splendid temple indicates that the dreamer will succeed in his career;

Dreaming of a quiet and solemn temple means that the dreamer leads a quiet and comfortable life;

Dreaming of a hazy monastery is a metaphor for the dreamer's temporary difficulties.

To dream of entering the temple , the Buddha in the temple smiles to himself, indicating that the dreamer can earn money from the government (to do government business), and the dream of auspiciousness has great wealth, which cannot be explained within three days;

A pregnant woman dreams of a temple , which symbolizes that the dreamer prays for the fetus and prays for the healthy growth of her fetus;

The official dream of the temple implies that the dreamer wants to be promoted;

A businessman dreams of a temple is a sign that the dreamer prays for a prosperous business and a smooth start-up;

The patient dreams of the temple, which means that the condition should not be optimistic, but reminds the dreamer that he should always maintain an optimistic mental state;

Dreaming of a temple and becoming a monk by oneself implies that the dreamer has some puzzled questions and seeks temporary relief in the dream;

To dream of the enemy entering the temple gate indicates that the dreamer can surrender the enemy;

To dream of others entering the temple means that all difficulties will pass;

To dream of your wife entering the temple indicates that the married life is harmonious, happy, happy, and happy.