Dreaming of the slaughterhouse indicates that your lover or wife is more afraid of you than loves you. After this dream, your career will go from bad to worse, and people will rudely ridicule you.

  Dreaming of animals or humans in slaughterhouses or similar places indicates that dreamers are still satisfied with the way in which they exchange or trade physical properties.

  If the slaughterhouse in your dream scares you, it may mean that you will encounter obstacles and experience difficulties.

  Men dream of slaughter, indicating that the career of dreamers will be successful.

  Women dream of slaughter, indicating that the dreamer will regret the low-quality work.

  Men dream of slaughter, and careers will succeed.

  But the woman dreamed that the slaughter would do cheap work and regretted it.

  Dream of murder , you will get friendship.

  Dreaming of killing his wife, his wife will love him more.

  A woman dreams of killing her husband, who will live long.

  Dream of killing your friends, and get help from your friends when necessary.

  Dreaming of killing the enemy, will soon be attacked by the enemy's brutal.

  Dreaming of slaughtering animals is an ominous sign, and misfortune and disease will come.