The igloo represents perfect holiness due to its architectural shape. The igloo is hot inside and cold outside, symbolizing the difference and difference between the world inside and outside.

Dreaming of ice implies that the husband of the dreamer will work hard for the family and make life better and better.

Dreaming of ice means that the dreamer has received great care and achieved good results in it.

The businessman dreams of ice, the business will be taken care of by customers, and it will become more and more prosperous.

An unmarried woman dreams of ice, implying that the dreamer man will treat herself wholeheartedly and will find a satisfactory one.

Dreaming of an iceberg, the iceberg is a huge block of ice formed when the ends of the two rivers broke apart and fell into the ocean. The iceberg is the enemy in the voyage. The iceberg in the dream is a symbol of difficulty.

To dream of an iceberg in front of you indicates that you will encounter unprecedented difficulties and obstacles in the journey of life. Therefore, we must calmly think about the problem and adopt proper methods to solve the difficulties.