Dreaming of tiles indicates that you will succeed soon and you will make friends.

Dreaming of ordinary tiles indicates that in your career development, you will get help from your friends and finally achieve your goals.

Dreaming of beautiful glazed tiles indicates that the future is bright, the career is smooth, and brilliant results will be achieved.

Dreaming of broken tiles indicates that you will encounter difficulties, but you will be able to overcome difficulties and achieve success in the end.

Build a new house, and if the tiles are installed, it means it has been successful.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream Palace tiles fall to the ground, both good and bad. The master of the dream in the North Korea is falsely alarmed. Only the dream of the test is the image of success and good luck. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream Jinwa Stage. With the golden tile class, like the articles of scholars, getting richer and richer, and sold to the emperor, with the gradual progress of the class, the dream of good luck. That is to say, ordinary people also have a growing family plan, in order to gradually expand their foundation. If everything goes as you wish, it is better to cultivate virtue to account for it, and everything is beautiful. Yemeng Wajinjie, Wen Guangying came to the stage, Fengming rose to the sun, fish leaped into spring thunder. Menglin Xuanjie

Mandarin ducks fall off tiles, women fight. Dreamsmeaning Book