Dreaming of a flower shed is an auspicious sign.

Dreaming that the flower shed is full of flowers means that you can succeed.

Dreaming of a rose flower bed is a sign of happiness and wealth.

Dreaming of withered roses implies that the dreamer may cry because of love.

Dreaming of roses indicates that the dreamer's body will recover.

Dreaming of picking roses indicates great happiness and joy.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream flower shed, Kyrgyzstan. Dreaming of this, everything corresponds to each other and communicates with each other. From here to there, the day goes by, the day goes by and the month goes by. When you go, you will hide the stars in your chest and identify the three talents. Those who dream of sitting in it will move their titles high, friends must come, knowing well, and doing everything. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream flower shed, Kyrgyzstan. This dream should be used to promote its good or bad luck. If the people who build and plant dream of this, they experience it in Zhimeng. Menglin Xuanjie