Dreaming of cottages and thatched houses indicates that you will soon buy a spacious house.

To dream of a woman in the hut indicates that the hidden treasure will be opened.

A woman dreams of a hut, indicating that if she is not taken care of by her husband, she will be excluded from her husband’s house.

Dreaming of building thatched cottages and thatched cottages represents piety and interest in religious beliefs.

To dream of a family living in a cottage will lead to a wealthy life.

Dreaming that the cottage is on fire indicates difficulties and should have the psychological quality to face difficulties.

To dream of sleeping in a thatched hut indicates poor health and dissatisfaction.

To dream of a thatched hut on a green pasture indicates prosperity, but the road to happiness is twists and turns.

Dreaming of thatched huts or thatched huts means that you will be successful, but you will not feel happy after success.

A woman dreams of a thatched house. After her husband dies, she will be driven out of the house by her son.

Dreaming that the hut has fallen down is an ominous omen, and the economy will suffer.

The businessman dreamed that the hut had fallen, and his business would fail.