Visiting the academy in your dreams means that you will regret missing the opportunity. The reason for the miss is purely laziness and indifference.

Dreaming of yourself as a college student, or living in a dormitory with college students, your enthusiasm will be hit slightly. You will learn, but you will not understand and apply it well.

If a young woman or anyone returns to her alma mater after finishing school, it means that the dreamer will make unattainable extravagance.

Dreaming of going to a school in the country means that making friends will be unsatisfactory. For example, people around you know your secrets, and they are talking about the city. Be careful with ears in the partition wall and eyes in the door. Don't neglect the alert.

Dreaming of the school, said that it is a good sign, and will spread good news.

Students dream of going to school, he said that it would be canceled exam qualifications.

Dreaming of going up and down on the school stairs, implying that the grades are going up and down, very unstable. The first semester was 30th, and the second semester progressed to 7th, but by the third semester it was the last 3rd ... the flexibility is too great!

The married woman dreamed of going to school, saying her husband would spoil herself even more.

The unmarried woman dreamed of going to school and said she would marry a smart, educated man.

Dreaming of a fire in the school, the relationship with the teacher will improve. Even if you forget to do your homework, you will be especially forgiving.

Dreaming of being a school principal, she said she would be happy and wealthy.

The businessman dreamed of going to school, saying that going abroad to do business can make a lot of money.

The prisoner dreamed of going to school and said he would be released soon.