To dream that you are imprisoned in a fortress means that your plan will be destroyed by others.

Dreaming that you put someone in a fortress means that you have the ability to manage your business and have a way to soothe a woman 's heart.

To dream that the battlefield is far away from you will not have any effect on the dreamer, but his relatives or servants will suffer.

To dream that the battlefield is very close to you, you will encounter difficulties and hinder your career.

To dream of participating in battle means that you are losing love or losing your business.

Dreaming that the war is over is a sign of family harmony.

A woman dreams of her husband participating in a fight means that she has a dispute with her husband and will be separated.

To dream that your husband returned safely after participating in the war . Everything went well and the family was happy.

The old man dreams of his children participating in the war will be sickened by old illnesses.

The businessman dreamed that he participated in the battle, and his recent business talks would fail.

If you dream of returning home after the war, you will make a profitable business.

Students dream that they will participate in the war, and they will be very successful in the future.