When a man dreams of going to the guillotine, his reputation will rise.

A married woman dreams of the gallows, the husband and wife are loving and growing old together.

A married man dreams of his wife going to the guillotine is a bad omen, worry and disaster will come.

To dream of a friend on the gallows means that disaster will come from the enemy.

Dreaming of the enemy going to the guillotine indicates that there will be many friends in times of crisis.

To dream of rescuing your wife or friend from the gallows, you can get help from God in unfortunate days.

The prisoner dreamed of going to the guillotine and would soon be released from prison.

The patient dreams of gallows, will be bedridden for a long time, and life is in danger.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The guillotine means that a part of life must be terminated. You may realize that you have violated the laws and beliefs of the society and must be punished for this. Dreams indicate that you have a tendency to sacrifice, and you should pay attention to it.

Psychoanalysis: The guillotine in the dream sometimes symbolizes a reluctant ending. This may refer to death, but it may also imply the death of some characters. They can't reach unity, so you must stop the behaviors that cause you difficulties.

Spiritual symbol: The guillotine symbolizes the preparation for behavior imposed on the body and symbolizes self-control.