Dreaming of university symbolizes the yearning for knowledge and the pursuit of wisdom and spiritual life.

If the university in your dream is simple, gracious, and full of beauty, it means that you cherish your learning experience in your heart.

If you dream of a university full of indifferent concrete buildings with no aesthetic feeling, it means that the university experience makes you feel depressed.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: If you dream of yourself on a university campus, it symbolizes your potential and learning ability. Even if you are not engaged in academic work, you still believe that you have the ability to communicate with people with similar views.

Psychoanalysis: The mission of the university is to carry out higher education, and the dream allows you to understand what extensive experience and knowledge you can acquire. You must move from the superficial level to the deeper realm of cognition and consciousness.

Spiritual symbol: Spiritual cognition and the ability to use this cognition correctly can only be obtained in the "University of Life".