The mining of the deposit may be underground or open-pit. The work carried out underground without natural lighting is called underground work, and the quarry is also called underground quarry. A quarry that is mined under natural light is called an open quarry.

The sources of ecological damage in quarries can be divided into two categories: man-made damage and natural damage. Whether it is man-made or natural destruction, it will eventually lead to a series of serious ecological and environmental problems such as vegetation destruction, bare land, soil erosion, ecological deterioration, and destruction of natural landscapes.

Dreaming of a quarry indicates that the work is hard, or the environment needs to be constantly overcome.

To dream of seeing busy workers in a quarry indicates that you will develop due to hard work.

Dreaming of an idle quarry indicates disappointment, failure, or even death.

Dreaming that stone life is hard.

A woman dreams of stones will cause stomach problems.

Dreaming of Black Stone means that the enemy will conspire against you.

Dreaming of White Stone makes it difficult to handle the distribution of family property.

To dream of carrying stones with your head means that you can fulfill your responsibilities well.

Dreaming of smashing a stone is a good omen, hard work, you can get something.

To dream of hitting someone with a stone is a disaster.

Dreaming of others hitting yourself with stones will make you famous far and near.

Dreaming of walking on the rocks makes life comfortable.

The prisoner dreamed of walking on the stone and would soon be released from prison.