Dreaming of a glass factory predicts that you might be hurt by listening to others' slander.

Young women dream of living in a glass factory, indicating that trouble will happen, especially their reputation.

To dream of breaking glass implies that the dreamer is very eager to break through some invisible barrier, and the depressed emotions are getting stronger and stronger and need to be vented.

To dream of seeing people through the glass indicates that you feel that in your life or work, some of the points you put forward may be opposed. Or you feel an invisible obstacle in communicating with others.

Dreaming of clean glass indicates that you will have good luck and live a comfortable life.

Dreaming of dirty or stained glass indicates that there will always be some lingering troubles in life.

Dreaming of broken or torn glass indicates that life needs to look for changes and opportunities.

To dream of installing glass on windows indicates happiness in life, good luck, promotion, or income increase.

To dream of cleaning the glass reminds you to keep a clear understanding of yourself and not to be complacent or arrogant.

Dreaming of frosted glass and dark stained glass implies that you have unique pursuits in life and career, but it may also mean that your eyesight is reduced or your ability to observe is reduced.

Dreaming of glass crafts indicates that the dreamer's income will increase, will be promoted, or the business will be prosperous, and the social status will rise.