If a porcelain dealer dreams that his shop looks empty, it indicates that his business will go downhill, and the following days will be frustrating.

  A woman dreamed of placing her porcelain or adding luster to her porcelain, which foreshadows that she will have a happy home, and she will be a good housewife who is diligent and frugal.

  Dreaming of stealing porcelain, will be asking for others.

  Dreaming of porcelain indicates that someone will be invited to dinner recently .

  Dreaming that the porcelain is damaged means that I will quarrel with someone because of a mistake in speech.

  Dreaming of ceramics symbolizes the happiness and sweetness of the dreamer's family.

  Dreaming of white ceramics symbolizes the pure love of dreamers.

  Dreaming of colored ceramics means that the dreamer's life is colorful.

  Dreaming of cracking or shattering of ceramics reminds the dreamer that there will be small difficulties, but there is no need to panic, and they will quickly get through.