Dreaming about the construction of a project usually indicates that you will have good luck, and your active efforts will bring opportunities to life.

Dreaming of engineering, whether it is civil engineering, electric power, mechanical, chemical engineering, or other engineering, as long as you dream of this kind of engineering, or engineering and technical personnel working, you have a lot of accidental luck.

Generally speaking, the male construction worker in the dream has the meaning of a father and is full of power to build a house that shelters from wind and rain.

To dream of a builder or maintenance worker repairing your house indicates that you will reflect on the problems in your life and solve them. The house in the dream symbolizes oneself.

Dreaming that an engineer is playing with various parts means that the dreamer is skeptical of certain moral concepts in life.

Dreaming of walking on the street, but unable to move forward due to road engineering, will be affected by others, all plans will be on the rocks, the company’s application and entrance examination will all fail.

To dream that an engineer is drawing drawings means that the dreamer will have new works or ideas coming out.