Dreaming of the empty niches, they will sweep the prestige.

  Dreaming of niches filled with valuables, they will become famous.

  The woman dreamed that she was wiping the niches and had a son at home .

  Dreaming of niches in the niches, they will become devout believers.

  Dreaming of the closet indicates that the dreamer will gain a lot of wealth and be able to lead a beautiful life with material richness.

  Businessmen dream of the closet, indicating that the dreamer's business is booming, can make a lot of money, and improve their living standards.

  The patient dreams of the wardrobe, which indicates that the condition of the dreamer will soon be improved. Don't worry too much, it is important to take good care of the illness.

  Dreaming of hiding something in the closet indicates that the dreamer will have some unexpected gains in the near future, such as finding something valuable at home.