To dream of building a city wall is an auspicious dream.

The businessman dreamed of building a city wall, indicating that the economic and commercial association succeeded in making a profit.

Dreaming of being arrested on the city wall indicates that you will be promoted to honor.

To dream of climbing on the red city wall indicates good luck.

Dreaming of the Great Wall indicates that the dreamer wants to be liberated from the pressure of life, or wants to overcome difficulties with his own strength.

Dreaming of running the Great Wall of China, if you have been running, is a kind of psychological hint (subconscious) of you, that is, you desire to pursue something in reality but cannot pursue it. If you run to the end, you may have a good future.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream of building a city wall, good luck. Dreaming that the family business will be prosperous, the merchants will make a profit, move their houses, and rebuild their businesses. Menglin Xuanjie