Dreaming that the bridge is broken means that the path connecting the other shore is broken. In fact, it also implies that the dreamer experienced a disappointment or setback. It may be an obstacle in his career. The specific situation may be a recent relationship between people and people. , Which hinders what is currently being done.

The businessman dreamed that the bridge was broken, implying that the dreamer might suffer some losses in business.

The patient dreamed that the bridge was broken and the body would not recover in a short time.

To dream that the entire bridge is broken, implies that the dreamer may be accused of something wrong in his actions, leading to very fierce public opinion. Of course, it is not acceptable to choose to ignore it. You must stand up bravely, admit your faults, and clarify Some facts to make it clear to the public.

Dreaming that the bridge is broken and that it is repaired after passing the bridge means that the dreamer’s attitude when facing difficulties is that he will not wait for others to solve the difficulties and pave the way for himself, but choose to think positively. Ways to accomplish what you want to do.

Dream of water in the broken bridge piles, indicates that the dreamer may encounter unexpected things with others, or there is a dispute, there will be trouble happens, remind the dreamer to be careful to cope.

Dreaming that the bridge has collapsed means that the dreamer has encountered a lot of resistance in reality, or is under a lot of pressure, and what he is doing is not going very smoothly. It reminds the dreamer that he should not be frustrated, and that he should not give up if he fails to achieve his goal. The determination to resolutely overcome difficulties and obstacles.

Dreaming of any obstacles or delays on the way to the bridge implies that the dreamer will encounter many difficulties and hinder his own development, but as long as he is willing to endure hardships and work hard, he can win success. Don't give up halfway and shrink back when you encounter difficulties. , That will inevitably not be successful.

To dream that the bridge is collapsed indicates that the dreamer is full of rapid changes in life and is unclear about how to deal with it.

Dreaming of a bridge that is about to collapse is mysteriously hidden in the dark, indicating that the dreamer will feel melancholy for the lost precious things.

Zhougong Stock Market

To dream that the bridge is broken, all stocks in the stock market will fall, especially the stocks of bridges, civil engineering and construction will fall sharply.