It is an auspicious dream for the high-ranking person to dream that the warehouse is full.

It is a bad dream for the humble people to dream that the warehouse is full.

Dreaming of a full granary indicates that life is stable and prosperous, and family is well-established.

Dreaming that your granary is full of grains implies that although your family's economy is not very good now, as long as you work hard, your family will become more prosperous and your economy will improve.

Dreaming of an empty granary implies that the economic situation is not as stable as you think, and there should be no speculative and risky behavior in the near future.

To dream of entering the warehouse, the things in the warehouse are in order, which means that your career will be likely to be successful, as long as you work harder.

To dream that the warehouse is broken and it seems that no one is using it. This means that you may be in trouble. It is best not to execute the plan at the moment, otherwise it is easy to fail.

Dreaming of building a warehouse means that not only will the family luck be good, but also the wealth will come in, and someone in the family will be promoted and the career will be on the road to success.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Mengcanglin is full, and the master is auspicious, and the master is fierce. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming of a warehouse on the mountain, good luck. Dunhuang Book of Dreams