Dreaming that you are in a beer shop means that you are very careful about your business and always feel that someone is threatening you intently.

  Dreaming of beer foreshadows something that will cause dissatisfaction.

  Dream of others drinking beer, beware of enemy conspiracy.

  Drinking beer and dreaming of drinking beer herald a happy life and carefree.

  Drinking alcohol is often used to celebrate a happy event. The so-called " wine is less than a thousand friends", drinking in a dream becomes synonymous with happy event.

  Dreaming that you are drinking means that good things are coming to your fortune.

  Dreaming of drinking , a sign of rising fortune in academics. The mind will be very clear, and the content of the text will be unforgettable.

  Dreaming of a glass of wine, disaster will come.

  A businessman dreams that he is drinking, which means that good things are near, but he can show great promise;