Dreaming of a study room symbolizes a deep thirst for knowledge, indicating that you have just learned, a successful career, or academic success.

Intellectuals dream about the study, which indicates that they will make outstanding achievements in their careers.

A student dreams of the study room indicates that his schoolwork is going well and his grades are excellent.

Peasants and workers dream of the study, expressing their desire for knowledge, and you are expected to recharge and get further improvement.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream book room. Dreaming into the bookstore, the master knows widely. Dream repair library, the main family business grows up. Menghui teachers and friends talk in the study room, the master must be enterprising. The Dream Academy is tall, piled up with ancient books and texts. Mengshuwu is tall and wide, front and back, east and west, handouts of essays by friends, the master's reputation is high, and the virtue and deeds are great. If the dream study room is closed up and obscured, damaged or obliquely damaged, sitting uneasy, and having trouble getting in and out, the Lord will have regrets. Menglin Xuanjie