Dreaming that the pottery shop is empty means that your business is starting to stagnate, but it will last for a while.

  Dreaming of ceramics symbolizes the happiness and sweetness of the dreamer's family;

  Dreaming of white ceramics, symbolizing the pure love of dreamers;

  Dreaming of colored ceramics means colorful life for dreamers;

  Dreaming of cracking or shattering of ceramics reminds the dreamer that there will be small difficulties, but there is no need to panic, and they will quickly get through.

  Dreaming that you have a large number of delicate and neat pottery means that you will become a housewife who is diligent and thrifty.

  The woman dreamed of decorating or coloring the pottery, implying that she would have a happy home. She was well-organized and a housewife who could manage the house.

  Dream of being in a pottery store. If you are a businessman, it means that you will pay attention to every detail of your business and will make a profit from it. If it was a young woman, this dream meant that she would marry a firm and honest person. If the shop is messy and the shelves inside are empty, it implies a loss.