Dreaming of the city hall, expressing disputes and possible legal proceedings.

  The young woman dreamed of the City Hall foretold that due to her misconduct, her sweetheart would alienate her, and she would be sad.

  Dreaming about government office buildings, suggesting your desire for power, or subconsciously, wanting to give orders to colleagues or friends, hoping to be in a leadership position.

  Dreaming of entering a government agency can be a good sign, especially for those who take part in company recruitment and entrance examinations .

  Dreaming of coming out of a government agency is a fierce dream of a major accident.

  Dreamed of going to the office to do business, the fortune was sluggish. Income is like thin water, but expenditure is like a torrent. You will be in financial crisis.

  Dreaming of participating in festival parades, love luck rose. There will be many overwhelming requirements for dating and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to choose love.