Dreaming of slender green bamboo, foreshadows happy events or full love.

Dreaming about the lush bamboo forests indicates that you will achieve good results in your career.

If the bamboo branches in the dream are beautiful, it indicates that your relationship is good, and the other person loves you very much.

Dreaming of walking in the bamboo forest indicates that you have literary talent and may perform well in performance or literature.

Dreaming of bamboo, this is a symbol of wealth and wealth, implying that when you meet your son, you will become a powerful person in the future.

Dreaming that the yard is full of bamboo, this is a very auspicious dream, a dream that brings prosperity to the family, and a good dream to provide future generations with security.

Dreaming that the yard is full of bamboo, you will have luck and everything goes well.

Entrepreneurs dreamed that the yard was full of bamboo, and their career would go to a higher level.

Office workers dream that the yard is full of bamboo, which indicates that you may be promoted to a higher salary.

Dreaming of bamboo towering is a bad omen, implying that you will offend people by talking too straight, and the other party may retaliate against you. Pay special attention to your words and deeds, and don't ignore them.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

I dreamed of a phoenix, and the tears of the Lord and the Lord were zero. "Secret Secretary"

Dream of planting bamboo. In the dream of scholars, the Lord has two people with small names. "Secret Secretary"

Mengzhu, the Lord has the image of hermit. "Secret Secretary"

Mengzhu was blown by the wind, and the main student was troubled. "Secret Secretary"

Mengzhu was drenched by rain, and the main melancholy increased. "Secret Secretary"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: One of the characteristics of bamboo is its flexibility. It shows obedience and accommodation, while at the same time marking the power of patience, and thus reflects the same character.

Psychoanalysis: Bamboo indicates good education, health, longevity, and fulfilling life. It shows the patience that should be given in distressed situations that require wise responses.

Spiritual symbol: Bamboo symbolizes a perfect and good person. If you realize that you have these two personalities of bamboo, you can calmly deal with the various breaks in your personality.

Case Study of Dreaming of Bamboo

Dream description: "Job-hopping" to the small side of a large company has always been cautious and cautious, not afraid to offend people. One night, he dreamed of walking in a large bamboo forest, but the tips of all the bamboos had been cut off, and there were a few bamboo leaves on a bamboo. He was a little worried so he couldn't shade.

Dream Analysis: This dream illustrates the self-positioning of the dreamer and the current state of mind. The bamboo forest explains two points: bamboo is a tall plant, and dreamers walking in it means that the self-positioning of the dreamer is relatively low-key, and the crowd does not want to show mountains and water; the bamboo is also thin, indicating that the dreamer is not very good to others Care, most of the time is on your own. The bamboo leaves were cut off, representing a worry that the dreamer was exposed to the crowd. Maybe dreamers don't want to show up, and dreamers worry about doing bad work.