Dreaming of Green Leaf means that there will be new job opportunities.

Dreaming of green leaves and flowers everywhere means that your life is rich and colorful.

Dreaming of branches sprouting and spring grass spitting green indicates that your work will have new vitality.

Job seekers dream of green leaves, indicating that job hunting luck is higher and there are more opportunities. It is possible for a headhunter to contact you proactively, but they often don’t cherish the opportunities in front of them because of a lot of thoughts.

A manual worker dreams of green leaves indicates that it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, and it is necessary to drink plenty of moisturizing fluids. The hands and shoulders are areas that need attention.

A businessman dreams of green leaves indicates that your wealth has picked up. Although the possibility of income growth is unlikely, the desire to consume at will is gradually diminishing. The investment time is not mature, and it is more useful to learn more about financial management.