The purple in dreams has meanings such as mystery, luck, and power.

Dreaming of purple things also symbolizes physical and mental growth.

Dreaming of lavender is a symbol of sweet love.

Unmarried men and women dream of lavender, indicating that they will find someone they like soon.

A married woman dreams of her husband giving herself lavender, which means that her husband loves herself very much and the relationship between husband and wife is very close.

Pregnant women dream of lavender, which means that the expectant mother will have a cute and smart daughter.

Dreaming of lavender withering indicates that the relationship will be changed, and you may break up or divorce.

To dream of picking lavender means picking happiness. It is a good dream and indicates that your relationship will be happy and sweet.

Dreaming of a large lavender field is a very romantic thing in real life, indicating that you are a very romantic person, and you and your significant other will live very happily.

To dream of giving lavender to others indicates that you are a helpful person. It also symbolizes that you have many friends, strong interpersonal skills, and will receive a lot of help from friends.

To dream that your home is full of lavender, it means that something good has happened in your home recently! It mostly refers to the opportunity to make money!

Case analysis of dreaming about lavender

Dream description: Nothing special happened recently. It was at the beginning of the month that I broke up. Now there is a boy who likes me very much and wants to date me. I dreamed of a lot of lavender, the kind that is scattered all over the mountains and plains. Later, I wanted to collect their seeds, but I didn’t know how to get them all at once. I couldn’t find them no matter how I looked for them. I ran into a few girls who seemed to know. , I thought they were hiding, but they didn’t know. Later, they didn’t know how many pink petals floated up. They were very beautiful. I kept looking for them and then I saw a few blue ones under a tree. Rose, I was holding a small tree in my hand. There were flowers on the tree. Later, it seemed that I ran into my parents again. That's it. (23 years old, girl, unmarried)

Dream analysis: The lavender in the dream symbolizes romance and happiness, indicating that the dreamer wants to have a happy and happy life. The loss of seeds in the dream is a psychological hint that you are a little worried about new feelings. Because you are afraid of losing, you will be in the dream. Lost and look everywhere. It is a good thing to see roses in a dream. Roses represent love, meaning that you will have a beautiful love.