The tree is straight and upright, symbolizing human health.

Dreaming of green trees will strengthen the body and increase the population.

Dreaming of dead trees means disasters and illnesses will come.

Dreaming of large forests means living a happy and prosperous life.

Dreaming of cutting trees is a sign of danger, or you are planning to travel far away.

To dream of planting trees, you will be very happy, your family will be very happy, and someone will give you gifts.

To dream of climbing a big tree means that the dreamer will be famous and have great achievements.

Dreaming of big trees and greenery represents the prosperity of the dreamer's family business and prosperous career.

Dreaming of lush forests means that the pain that has been entwining you for a long time is about to heal, and your body will gradually become healthy and energetic.

Dreaming of fishing and hunting in the woods means that nothing can be achieved.

If it is a green tree, it means that you might meet a good friend by accident.

Dreaming of large lush forests indicates that the dreamer will be auspicious, achieve everything he wants, have a prosperous career, and make a difference.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Trees grow in the forest, add precious sons. Dreamsmeaning Book

Sit and lie in the forest, and become sick. Dreams meaning Book dreams of auspiciousness in the forest. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Trees grow in the forest, add precious sons. Dreamsmeaning Book

Sit and lie in the forest, and become sick. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of the forest is auspicious. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of the woods. For those who dream of this, the Lord can cultivate yin virtue, so as to cause prosperity. Scholars dominate the courts, and ordinary people dominate their wealth. It is also a sign of good luck. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming of green forests means luxuriant auspiciousness. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Sitting in Menglin, the master bedroom failed to get up. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming into the deep forest, the Lord gets wealth. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream trees become forests. Dreaming of this is an image of exultation. If it can be further cultivated, it will make the owner's family lucky and happy, and Li will become famous. Secretary of Broken Dreams