The palm tree master succeeded. The palm tree is strong and tall, symbolizing success.

Seeing palm trees in your dream indicates that you are full of hope in life and will enjoy the happiness of upper class society. It is possible that you will have an exciting trip recently or exceed your estimated income.

If the palm tree roots grow near the water and the treetops are bathed in the sun in the dream, it means that the family is stable and the parents are peaceful.

The young woman dreamed of passing a street lined with palm trees, indicating a faithful husband and a happy family.

Dreaming of withered palm trees indicates that unexpected events will cause her pain and disturb her peaceful life.

Dreaming of palm trees will lead to prosperity and life will be happy and prosperous.

Dreaming of climbing a palm tree, I want to achieve my goal, but I encounter many difficulties, but I will succeed in the end.

Dreaming of coming down from a palm tree is an ominous sign, indicating that the body is weak and income is reduced.

Dreaming of felling palm trees will become the target of your boss's anger, or be accused of conspiracy to treason, or be punished by other severe punishments.

Dreaming that you are holding palm leaves in your hand, you will achieve a brilliant victory in your current career.

A long-distance traveler who is going through a difficult dream dreams of palm trees, that the trip will go smoothly and reach the destination safely.

The marching army officer dreamed that the withered palm tree would bear fruit, which was an ominous sign and would have stomach problems.

Dreaming of dry palm trees is not a good sign either. A disaster will be imminent and your income will drop sharply.

The farmer dreams of palm trees full of fruits, the crops will have a good harvest.

A married woman dreams of a palm tree full of fruits, the husband and wife will respect each other as guests, and grow old together.

An unmarried woman dreams that a tall palm tree is full of fruit, and she will marry into a prestigious family.

Dreaming of piles of palm tree trunks implies that you can make a fortune in business.