Dreaming that the mature litchi fruit is full, indicating a happy marriage and a harmonious family.

Married men dream of litchi, indicating that the future wife is loyal and considerate to you, and the marriage is happy.

Unmarried men dreaming of litchi is a good omen and a happy marriage.

Unmarried women dream of litchi, which indicates that life is unhappy after marriage, and may obey parents' wishes to marry an incompetent husband.

Dreaming of eating fresh lychee indicates a wealth of money and opportunities.

Businessmen dream of eating lychee, indicating that you will defeat your competitors and make a fortune.

People with chronic illness dream of eating litchi may indicate that you will finally get rid of the shadow of disease and recover your health.

Dreaming of stealing lychee indicates that dreamers often miss the past and are easily sentimental.

Dreaming of picking litchi implies that dreamers should not go out for travel, there will be obstacles on the way.

Dreaming of eating rotten litchi implies that the dreamer is energetic and has a lot of motivation to do things (dreaming of litchi).

Pregnant women dreaming of picking litchi indicates that you will have a lively and healthy son in the near future.

Pregnant women dream of eating lychee, which indicates that you have serious dangers such as miscarriage in the near future. It is recommended that you pay attention to safety and health, and especially suggest that you go to the hospital for examination.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Eat litchi, good luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

See litchi, male and female fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream litchi. Li and Li homonyms have the appearance of being lost first. The house of the dreamer must move quickly; the disease is not easy to escape; the son of the child succeeds his last name, or becomes a monk; "Secret Secretary"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Litchi master is incompetent.

Psychological analysis: The litchi is covered with soft flesh with a hard shell, which symbolizes the incompetent generation who is strong and dry.

Spiritual Symbol: Lychee symbolizes luck, health and emotion.

Dream Case Study of Litchi

Description of the dream: Last night I dreamed that I came to a mountain where there were many trees, only to find later that there were many litchis growing on it. A lot of people off, so I pick on, the strange thing is I was picking a place like a wall, like mountain climbing , like a tiger, one side full of lychee, leaves and trees are not, do not know a dream What does this mean?

Dreamland analysis: dreaming about picking litchi is an ominous sign, and pay attention to safety when going out.