Dreaming of weeds indicates that you have to understand and cherish.

A businessman dreams of weeds is a representative of his career success.

Dreaming of a deserted grassland indicates that your career or wealth has reached its peak. As long as you keep it well in the future, you can't be too greedy, otherwise you will lose all your previous efforts.

Dreaming of lush weeds indicates that annoying things will come one after another. If the weeds in the dream have withered, it means that you may suffer from chronic diseases.

To dream of weeds on the side of the road blowing in the wind indicates that there will be a mysterious phenomenon around you.

Dreaming that the yard is full of weeds indicates that the opposite sex is very lucky. The letter you write to him can greatly increase the feelings between the two.

To dream of standing alone in the wasteland indicates that the dreamer has unfulfilled feelings, loneliness or isolation;

To dream of standing on the wasteland with others indicates that the relationship between each other is not beneficial or fruitless;

Dreaming of land reclamation means that the difficulties faced by the dreamer come from home, and there will be disputes of tongues;

Couples without children dream of opening up wasteland, it means that they will give birth to unfilial children;

Dreaming that the field is full of weeds means that your emotional life is very lonely.

Case analysis of dreaming about weeds

Dream description: I dreamed that I was standing on the road, and there was a crossroad in front of me. The grass on both sides of the road was very desolate. I was at a loss when I was standing on the road.

Dream analysis: dreaming of grass means weakening of vitality and starting to go downhill. A businessman dreams of weeds everywhere, which means that the business will start to slump and there will be no more prosperity in its heyday.