An unmarried man dreams of raspberries and will marry a girl who is as beautiful as white jade and healthy.

  The married man dreamed of eating raspberries, and the couple was happy and happy.

  Married woman dreams of raspberries, foreshadows her husband to accept, or accepts a wife:

  An unmarried woman dreams of raspberry and wants to make fun of others, or her fiance doesn't like herself and will fall in love with other women .

  The patient dreamed of raspberries, and soon he would fully recover,

  The businessman dreamed of raspberries and would soon go abroad.

  Dreaming of eating rotten raspberries, unlucky days are coming.

  Dreaming of eating raw raspberries means getting sick.

  Dreaming of buying ripe raspberries is Xiangrui, and there is a happy event at home.

  Dreaming of selling raspberries, the unfortunate days are coming.

  Dreaming of giving raspberries to others will be famous.

  Dreaming of getting raspberries is a good sign. Soon guests will come.

  Dreaming of his wife giving raspberries to himself is a sign of good luck, and the wife will give birth to a boy.