Clover is also called "lucky clover", dreaming of clover symbolizes luck.

Dreaming of clover means that life is comfortable and prosperous, and the spirit is happy and full. At the same time, it also reflects your inner optimism. In everything you are always willing to believe that there are opportunities and hopes, so life is always full of sunshine. This is the precious wealth in your inner world.

To dream of walking through fragrant alfalfa fields is a good dream. All dreams of dreamers can be realized. Farmers will have a good harvest, and young people will gain wealth. If it is a wilted clover field, it will bring sad and regretful sighs.

Dreaming of clover indicates that soon success will open your arms to you. The young girl dreamed of a snake passing through the flowering alfalfa field, indicating that she would lose faith in love very early. Her environment was frustrating and discouraging, but in the eyes of her friends, she was very lucky.

Dreaming of clover, you will be pampered;

Dreaming of clover blooming means you are in love and business is prosperous.

Dreaming of alfalfa (shamrock) is a sign of visitors, indicating that there will be guests visiting in the near future.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Alfalfa has always been considered a lucky mascot for people, and it has the same symbolic meaning in dreams.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, alfalfa symbolizes the trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Case analysis of dreaming about clover

Dream description: I dreamed of clover at night, not on the ground, but on a tree. Like poplars outside, the branches are full of clover.

Dream analysis: dreaming of clover means luck will come and everything goes well.