The main shipment of oranges. Oranges are bright and rosy, symbolizing good fortune.

Dreaming of rosy and plump oranges indicates that you will have good luck and become famous.

Dreaming of ripe oranges, implying good luck, will have unexpected surprises.

Unmarried women dream of ripe oranges, indicating a good reputation.

Dreaming of raw oranges, pay more attention to your health, indicating that you may get sick.

Married men dream of buying oranges, and if they continue, they will marry a young and beautiful woman.

Unmarried men dreamed of buying oranges, indicating that they would marry a healthy and beautiful wife.

An unmarried woman dreams of buying oranges and will become the mistress of a married man.

Dreaming of sending oranges to others indicates that you will be loved and praised by others.

Business people dream of peeling orange juice or squeezing orange juice, indicating that there will be big business and profitable.

Dreaming of lush orange trees full of ripe oranges, predicting health and success.

Dreaming of eating oranges is an unlucky dream. You are mainly troubled by the illness of your friends or relatives, and the atmosphere of mutual dissatisfaction in your career will also spread.

If the oranges are in good condition and taste delicious, it indicates that your bad luck will be diluted.

The young woman dreamed of eating oranges, indicating that she might lose her lover.

The young woman dreamed that the beautiful oranges were hanging on high branches, indicating that she would carefully choose one of the many suitors as a husband.

Dreaming of stepping on an orange peel and foretelling the death of a relative.

Dreaming that your wife wants you to buy oranges, and then eats the oranges, predicting that the nasty complex factors will turn into favorable conditions.

Dreaming that someone is destroying the orange orchard means that there are several enemies, and they will be disadvantaged in many ways. Therefore, we must pay attention to competitors in the business field, avoid risks in a timely manner, and change the risks.