Pumpkin master slutty. Dreaming of pumpkins means good health, unbridled, and hate worldly life. If you dream of growing a lot of pumpkins, picking a large basket and carrying it back is a bad sign.

Dreaming of pumpkins means family life is happy and comfortable.

Dreaming of eating pumpkin means yearning and pursuit of a free life.

Dreaming of picking pumpkins is an omen, suggesting that you will get into trouble because of your unruly life.

Dreaming of picking old pumpkins, the fortune of behavior has a tendency to decline, reminding dreamers to be careful about their words and deeds, not to be too rash, otherwise they will appear foreign or other embarrassing things;

Dreaming that the pumpkin is ripe indicates that the dreamer will have harvest or new actions in work and life, which will make his life more fulfilling and happier.

Dreaming of eating pumpkin rice is very sweet, which indicates that the dreamer's future life will be as sweet as pumpkin rice.

Men dream of pumpkins, indicating that their work or career will be successful.

A woman dreams of a pumpkin, which indicates that her family life is happy, her husband loves herself very much, and it may also be a hint of pregnancy .

Those who are preparing to take the exam dream of pumpkins, reminding dreamers that they do not need to speculate and cheat and plagiarize, and the test results will satisfy themselves.

The office worker dreamed of picking a pumpkin, which means that dreamers are more spontaneous in their work. They have their own secret plans and do not like the interference and help of others. They will give my colleagues a mysterious feeling;

Entrepreneurs dream of picking old pumpkins, indicating that the dreamer's fortune is good, and he has enough energy to make money, and will increase his income by his own strength. In addition, he also reminds dreamers not to be too casual in terms of spending.

Dreaming of a big pumpkin on the pumpkin vine, it indicates that the dreamer can get good luck and achieve good results.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreaming of pumpkins, the main thing. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of pumpkins means good health, and because of yearning for an unrestrained life, I hate worldly life and don't like to be constrained. I don't like to follow and deal with problems, things, and small and large details of life. Other people think the same way and are good at innovation. Psychological analysis: Dreaming of pumpkins generally symbolizes a bumper harvest and harvest, especially dreams of ripening pumpkins are auspicious; in addition, it may also be that dreamers hate worldly life because they yearn for an unrestrained life and do not like being restrained; Dreamers themselves think about problems, do things, and deal with small and large details in life. They do not like to think in the same way as others, and are good at innovation.

Spiritual Symbol: From a psychic point of view, pumpkin symbolizes a bumper harvest.