Men dreaming of superheroes or mythical figures will be frightened of their children's safety.

Dreaming about the image of Superman in the movie is similar to dreaming about "hero", it is also a symbol of our own ambition and hard work, or it implies a longing for heroism and strength and wisdom.

The original dream of a ghost was scholar Ji, flat fierce people. Dreaming of a ghost who died in the house, the Lord had an overcast disaster. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming about the one who understands God does nothing. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dream of God and get rich. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of the toilet, great wealth. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of the land. The main population is restless, and homes are disturbed. The Lord has a matter of migration or ground breaking. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming of the righteous God, all good things about the Lord. "Secret Secretary"

Mengjiang River Water God. Travel and businessmen's dreams must prevent boat trips. Will pray for the festival, Shiji. The rest dreamed that there might be floods , or there would be heavy rain in the Lord. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Jinjia God holds himself to heaven, Lord Daji. Mysterious Dreams

Dream King Four Kings. The master of dreams, the master of the zodiac; the dream of pedestrians, you must guard against storms. "Secret Secretary"

Mengla Hunting Meet. This God of Dreams travels to inspect the woes of the world. If their people have changed from doing good to doing justice because of what they see in their dreams, God will bless it. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Thor. The dreamer should study on his own, without suffering from condemnation, and the official should pay special attention to it. "Secret Secretary"

Dream God rides on a horse and clouds. It is also at the time of crisis. "Secret Secretary"

Dream God ascended to heaven and fell again. This is the danger of moving and avoiding danger. "Secret Secretary"

Dream God rides a horse straight into the sky, a sign of Lord Noble. "Secret Secretary"

The dream God gave shirts, clothes, silk, etc., the master Pepsi Jiamei. Mysterious Dreams

Dream God grants the way of health. Gao Mai wanted to sing the chandelier. Once he was in trouble, he was obscure and did not self-examine how to get it. The dream man said to Gao mai: Son in the chandelier, it has negative subjects. Gao Mai responded with a loud voice, and then began to sing praises. Mysterious Dreams

Dream God summoned God to report the death of Ji Ji, the Lord Fu Lu was happy. Mysterious Dreams

Call of Dream. The God of Dreams tells the story of good and bad things, and the Lord has happy events. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming of all the gods, the Lord traded for profit. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of the gods, the Lord trades for money. "Secret Secretary"

Dream of Mount Tai. Every mortal dreams must abstain from overstepping, and curb delusions, otherwise God will strike them. "Secret Secretary"

Dream is God. Relatives pushed this, and those who dreamed of dying, instead of being a cricket, would rise to the palace. Mengjun is God, the country has no owner, and the land has spirit. For a certain god, blame it. Meng Chen is a god, the Lord is loyal and helpful, and he relinquishes his job. Details belong to God, or the owner died. Dream parents are gods, sick patients Xianyou. Mengfu is a god, the sick is fierce; or the husband is in charge of guarding the Yangdi, or the husband is in the town. The dream wife is a god, and the Lord gave birth to bad luck. Brother Dream is a god, his name is registered, and scribes fly together. Dream masters are gods, and they are shaped by appearances. Seeing dreams, those who are upright are the gods. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Five God of Wealth. This is the god who is in charge of wealth. The Lord of Dreams is connected and turned into a hunger. You can worship it with all your will. "Secret Secretary"

Mengying Shensai Club, the Lord has foreign wealth. Mysterious Dreams

Dream rain division. There are signs of moisturizing, and good luck also. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming of God pointing. The poor dream, and the Lord gains fame and fortune. "Secret Secretary"

Dream stove god. If the Lord of Dreams has a fire or suffers from eye pain, it will be harmless. "Secret Secretary"

Dream fortune boy. The master of the students thinks about Yingyingfa, and the merchants benefit from the distance, or enter the effective population. "Secret Secretary"

Dream grandson. The grandson Sun Changda, Fuze long. "Secret Secretary"

Moving into the temple, Daji. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

It is auspicious for others to worship God. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Yingshen Race Club has foreign wealth. "Zhou Gong Jie Meng" There is no god worship, the family died. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Worship God with a woman, destroy it. "Zhou Gong Interpretation of Dreams" Worship gods with men, fierce women . "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Worship God with everyone, and be noble. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Devotion to dreams. The great gift of the country is no greater than the sacrifice of the ancestral temple. It is devoted to worship, the gods are upright, and the livestock is set up; Dreams of this good omen, experience in Ronghua, the enthusiasm of the prayers, enjoy the blessings of heaven and man. The gift of dreaming suburban community is like a commendation. The dream is the ritual of sacrifice to the king, Shuheng industry is honored, and the sick leave is healed, and the disaster disappears. The dream kills the sacrifice without becoming a sacrificer, the Lord's sorrow will do. Dreaming incense, striking the bell, and setting up music are all good luck. Mysterious Dreams

Case Study of Dreaming Mythical Figures

Dream Description: I dreamed that I had come to a mythological world, a wonderful and charming dreamy space. In the fairyland of Tadpoles, characters from the mythology appeared one by one. There were seven fairy maidens, Chang'e, Sun Wukong and other characters. (Female, 26 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The myth in dreams is a symbol of good luck and tranquility. The myth in the dream is beautiful and heralds your life is auspicious. The myth in the dream is neutral, which means that your life is peaceful and peaceful. The myth in the dream is horrible, suggesting that you will encounter troubles.